» The Jetty in Skala Larnaca

The Jetty in Skala Larnaca

The photographs in the Mangoian collection were taken between 1920 and 1960 by Haigaz Mangoian (1907-1970) a celebrated Armenian photographer living in Nicosia.

The photographs cover the whole of Cyprus and its people during British colonial rule. Leading through the Mangoian archive, two sentiments predominate; on the one hand, we have the contrast between the two people sharing this beautiful island, the calm life of the British colonialists and the life of the common people of Cyprus; on the other, that sudden feeling of time standing still.

The Jetty in Larnaca

Strange, here I see the light of the sun; the gold net where things quiver like fish that a huge angle draws in along with the nets of the fisherman

  • G. Seferis

Print sizes: 25 x 20 cm – €20 and 40 x 30 cm – €40

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